We’ve discussed before that June is Pride month. And multiple brands are paying homage to the month by dropping exclusive, limited edition items. These include beauty, departmental stores, even IKEA! Another brand celebrating this month is Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from rocking a rainbow eye all month long. But if you’re someone who wants to stand in unison with your LGBTQ+ peers, sans loud makeup, there’s a neutral, fashionable way to do so.


The Enamored (With Pride) Lip Lacquers are your ultimate high shine glosses which are nothing like “THE Gloss.” (sorry, but I had to.) They also come in a vibrant, rainbow-coloured container!

The lip gloss delivers maximum color with ultra-brilliant shimmer and shine. The unique formula creates a glitzy look that feels cushiony on the lips, not gritty or sticky. Combined with a blend of high-performance ingredients that creates an optical plumping look, this multi-chromatic collection creates eye-catching dimension and shine like “30 coats of lacquer.”

Moreover, between June 6th and July 10th, 10% of sales of each Enamored (With Pride) will go to SAGE. SAGE is the largest and oldest organization that benefits the older LGBTQ+ community. The organization is also something that Marc Jacobs himself feels especially connected to.

Marc Jacobs Enamored (With Pride)
Source: Temptalia

The shade names in this collection take inspiration from Marc Jacobs’ favourite music.

  • Silver Surf – silver with iridescent glitter
  • Electric Lites – rose gold with pink glitter
  • Get Lucky – bronze with gold glitter
  • Pink Parade – baby pink with opalescent glitter
  • Not Sorry – fuchsia with hot pink glitter
  • Tempt Me – grape with iridescent glitter
Marc Jacobs Enamored (With Pride)
Swatches / Source: Brand

The Enamored (With Pride) Lip Lacquers are available to shop now. They’re also a part of the Summer 2019 collection.

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