Game of Attractiveness is still in your hold with these Edgy Lip Shades

You can tell a lot about someone based on their favourite lipstick shades as well as the ones you see them wear most often. While some edgy lip shades appear to make their way back from matte still intact. There is a complete new aisle of colours coming our way. You thought wearing a mild nude was experimental? Think again. Invest in those new releases that could make you look happening and sexy in the crowd.


Smashbox Mauve Squad

Edgy Lip Shades _ stylegodsWho says copper is only for your eyes or your own lips? This metallic rosy-brown colour could work quite well even be a part of your festive beauty kit.


3INA Black Lipstick

Edgy Lip Shades _ stylegodsThe brand has recently made their way into India, and its worth. Always wanted to experiment with black lipstick but do not wish to shell out too much? Here is your tube.


Kiko Milano Blue

Edgy Lip Shades _ stylegodsBrilliant pigmented blue for those of you wanting to give this colour a shot. It goes on smooth and is equivalent parts glowing and broody to give your face an instant lift.


Sephora Stain in White Iris

Edgy Lip Shades _ stylegodsA pastel lilac, this tube is good for someone who’s wanted to give purple a shot but never had it in them also. Worried a dark berry will dull your face? Try this to get a chirpier pout.


Maybelline Bold Wickedly White

Edgy Lip Shades _ stylegodsWhile wearing white lipstick on a daily basis may be a small push. Utilizing this tube to make an ombre could be the way to go. Wear a brighter colour on the exterior of your lips.

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