WithWith the recent appeal by PM Modi, it has been clear that ‘Made in India’ Diyas and products will be witnessing new heights. He even encouraged the already laden establishment of ‘ Vocal for Local’. With the change in the scenario, PM Modi has also stated that when it comes to optimism, various other nations used to get loop-in for its products and services. But, with the change in time, ‘Made in India’ has upscaled many households for a better living. So, with the national appeal that will help our economy to win bread and butter for many more in the days to come. It’s time to choose eco-friendly celebration ways to invest in our national reserves.

celebrate eco-friendly Diwali

Is Green Diwali Dull?

No, it is as beautiful and glittery as the normal one. There is no such difference. As it supports the environment, it too doesn’t make any hole in your pocket while preparing to buy crackers for eco-friendly celebrations.

According to government plans, green Diwali or choosing an eco-friendly celebration will help to reduce pollution during the festivity. With that, there will also be a lower number of health issues among people.

As it dedicates the environment and its sustainability. You can actually keep your family safe and away from the sound of loud bursting crackers. That will fear your elderly, children, and even pets. With the enormous awareness/buzz created around the social well-being of people, eco-friendly festivals in India are looked up to. Starting from local-made earthen diyas to shunning bursting of crackers, and not to forget organic rangolis and preparing homemade sweets are some without which the peck of green Diwali stands incomplete.

Ways to Celebrate Green Diwali this Festivity


Encourage the Use of Local Earthen Lamps

Yes, one should. Why hop on and purchase those POP (Plaster-Of-Paris) made diya which may look colorful. But, do you know they do not get dissolved in water (after you use)? They contaminate the environment and also the water bodies. On the other hand, while celebrating eco-friendly festivals in India. You can opt-in for locally made diyas (which you can paint and decorate), prepare sweets at home (that will be away from adulteration and have the magic of your hands), make rangolis with organic colors and flowers petals (that will look ethnic than stickers).


Make Organic Rangoli

Well, if you are visiting India for the first time and wanna know how to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali? Then the whole celebration starts from making rangolis. This creates a sense of positivity at home and in surroundings. Getting started with organic colors and flowers will create enthusiasm among the makers of the rangoli that will zeal up the festivity as a big picture.


Upscale your Home Decor

Well, when it comes to the beautification of homes, nothing stands better than cleaning homes during Diwali. With the eco-friendly celebration idealization in mind, you can get started with cleaning yours first. Remove the clutter, broken items or arrange the wardrobes and cabinets. You can even upgrade sofa furniture for a new approach towards home decor. Not to forget, decorate the house with LED fairy lights, traditional lanterns, multi-colored light bulbs, LED light candles, and lots more.


Have the Audacity to Say ‘No to Crackers’

Yes, after all, Diwali is the festival of lights and not crackers. The eco-friendly celebration itself speaks about opting the native things for a better tomorrow. So, why not go back to the basics? Opt-in for mud diyas and fill them with ghee or mustard oil by placing a cotton wick to light it up. Indulge your children into this and let them be active participants in the occasion.


Choose to go for Desi-Food

Well, have you heard of any festival without food? Nahhh! The same applies to Diwali food and togetherness also. Delicious food and a variety of dishes add to the fervour of the occasion. To encourage eco-friendly festivals in India, you can opt for making Dal Baati Churma, Paneer, Kheer, Puri, Ladoo, Samosa, Shahi Tukda and what not…… The list is absolutely endless.

How Do You Make Sure That The Celebrations are All Eco-Friendly?

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