I’ll admit – getting flawless skin isn’t as easy as it sounds. But it’s something we aspire for, every single day, when we’re standing in front of a mirror. But don’t let what you see on social media fool you. There’s a LOT of makeup, filters, good lighting and the use of fillers/botox involved. It took me a really long time to accept my skin – scars and everything. But acceptance doesn’t mean that you stop trying to make yourself (and your skin!) feel better. So, here are some super easy beauty resolutions for you to keep.

And trust me, you’ll notice results.


Yeah, yeah. All the expensive skincare you have, they work too. But once a week, break off from the cycle and do a couple of DIY recipes for you hair and skin. Natural ingredients trump chemicals any day – plus, it’s super relaxing.

So take some much deserved time off, lather on the mask, put on those tea bags, and RELAX!

Beauty Resolutions
DIY Beauty / Source: Coveteur

You’ve heard this in a million different ways – because it’s all true. Water clears your skin out by flushing out toxins. So don’t fret all the bathroom breaks you’re gonna take – because you’re actually putting your body in a much better place.

Oh, and don’t overdo the water. We don’t want an electrolyte imbalance happening. Half a gallon in a day is best.

Beauty Resolutions
Water / Source: Google Images

All those Instagram ads can do a double on you when it comes to skincare. Not everything works for everyone. So know your skin type, and focus on finding what works best for you. Invest in minis before you take the splurge with a full sized product.

Oh, and remember, you can’t use the same skincare for the rest of your life. Switch it up when required.

Beauty Resolutions
Skincare / Source: Beauty Bay



Please. Please wash them. Dirty brushes accumulate bacteria, which then cause clogged pores and breakouts – not a pretty sight, huh?

MAJOR BEAUTY RESOLUTION – Aim to wash tools once a week, and your sponges after each use. Leave them to air dry.

Beauty Resolutions
Brushes and Tools / Source: Cosmopolitan

See? It’s not that hard, is it?