Dry Shampoo In Paper Form is a product that you need to know about

Chances are that you will be familiar with blotting sheets. These are thin and translucent pieces of paper. These soak up the midday oil on your face without disturbing your makeup. But you will be glad to know that now it has turned to something unbelievable, dry shampoo in paper form. It is something that we have never considered or expected before.

Dry Shampoo In Paper Form _ stylegodsWe came across a genius new launch from Nunzio Saviano. Just like blotting sheets for the face, these portable papers boast your hair. They have the ability to absorb excess oil from hair and give shine and static control to hair. Using these sheets is as simple as pressing the papers into the hair and scalp and following with a brush to boost shine and volume. These sheets can easily be taken on your travel trips. Use them as an alternative for better hair look.

Dry Shampoo In Paper Form _ stylegodsNunzio’s oil absorbent rice papers are infused with a totally transparent powder. This powder absorbs the oils from your hair without leaving any chalky or gritty residue behind. To use, just treat your scalp as you would your face and press the sheet against the areas of your head and hair that could use a quick shampoo. Unlike aerosol sprays, the blotting sheets can easily accompany you on any vacation, and unlike shake-and-dispense powders, they won’t cause a mess.

Dry Shampoo In Paper Form _ stylegodsA $24 pack contains 50 blotting sheets, the perfect size for slipping into your bag. Grab them from NunzioSaviano.com. Get ready for endless good hair days ahead.

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