Dream Cushion Maybelline makes your face look smoother.

Dream Cushion Maybelline gives you a fresh look.

Wearing makeup is seen as the finishing touches in the grooming process, and ranges from light and natural to heavy and dramatic. One of the best beauty products in everyones range are from Maybelline. Dream Cushion Maybelline Fresh Face Liquid Foundation is a new cushion foundation which is going to be permanent Maybelline Collection. Maybelline has launched its product named Dream Cushion.

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The packaging is quite handy. It is made of plastic, which is lighter than that of traditional glass bottled foundations out in the market. It is quite easy to store with out the risk of spillage or bottle caps turning loose. This is perfect for women who are always “on-the-go”.

Dream Cushion Maybelline _ stylegods

Maybelline Dream Cushion Liquid Foundation On-The-Go compact had a radius of 2.6 inches and a depth of an inch. The applicator sponge that comes along with the compact is more rubbery in nature. It feels smooth to the touch and spreads the liquid foundation on the skin quite well.

Dream Cushion Maybelline _ stylegods

Why is it best ?

  • It has nice dewy finish.
  • great coverage (light to medium).
  • no scent.
  • radiant finish.
  • super easy application.
  • Complete luminous coverage for all skin types.

Dream Cushion Maybelline _ stylegods

The cushion is soaked with liquid foundation and housed at the bottom of the compact. It is separated from the rest of the compact with a “snap-on” lid. This “snap-on” lid acts as an anti spillage mechanism, it keeps the foundation from drying out and serves as the “well” that stores the applicator sponge.

I picked up a few different shades to play with and ended up settling on shade 30, Warm Nude, as the one that fit me best. I might go back and see what 25 looks like as 20 was too light for me and 30 was almost right but a little tiny dark.

Buy it.

Be Stylish.

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