Dramatically Different™ Lip Colour – Is It? Or Is It Not?

If you ask me who I think is the global leader in combined skin care and makeup, I’d probably say Clinique. Their chubby sticks have always been the rage. And they’ve finally brought their feel good lipsticks to the Indian Market. About damned time.

Dramatically Different™ Lipstick Shaping Lip Colour

What It Is – Rich, hydrating color infused with skin care for lips.

What It Does – Dramatically Different™ Lipstick delivers more than just color.

  • 3D pearl center core instantly sculpts and contours.
  • Provides an immediate appearance of a smoother pout.
  • Overtime, lip definition is improved.
  • Available in a remarkable range of shades.

How To Use – Apply to clean, bare lips. Can be worn with lip liner.


Now, even though there are FIFTY shades in the line, Nykaa pulled a Nykaa. And we have only 9 shades available to us.

But here is what is even more bothersome. Previously, people were raving about the Dramatically Different™ lipsticks. Everybody loved it.But Clinique pulled a Clinique, and changed the formula. Now, all I’ve read are complaints. That the lipstick is too waxy. That it doesn’t last all day long. Moreover, that the company should just go back to their old formula.


It’s sad because I really wanted to get my hands on these lipsticks. And now I think I’ll just pass. Or try them out at the store before actually purchasing them. Because who wants to splurge and then regret it later? Not me.

If you’re feeling bold, have a lot of coin or are simply intrigued – Find the lipsticks here.

And Clinique, love – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.