Different Types Of Wax for perfect and smooth body

Grooming and making yourself look best is the first priority of every woman. We all have excess and unwanted hair which is one of the basic things to be removed. Body waxing is one of the quickest and affordable ways for removing hair. Here are some tips to help you in choosing the exact and appropriate wax according to your skin texture. Know all about different types of wax and how are they chosen.


Soft Wax

Different Types Of Wax _ stylegodsIt is stripe waxing usually done by spreading a thin layer of wax and then removing the stripe tightly. It is basically done on hands and legs. You should avoid doing it multiple time at the same time as may cause bleeding and rashes on the skin.


Hard Wax

Different Types Of Wax _ stylegodsHard wax is used for small and the most sensitive parts of the body like upper lip, underarms and bikini area. Hot wax is applied to these body parts and left over to dry till it is hard again. And the last step of the process is peeling the dry wax in opposite direction of hair growth.


Fruit Wax

Different Types Of Wax _ stylegodsFruit wax is an alternative to hard wax which is made for people who have extra sensitive skin. It is a bit costly as compared to other waxes. It is made with berries, plum and other antioxidant-rich ingredients.


Chocolate wax

Different Types Of Wax _ stylegodsChocolate wax is another option which is easily available in almost every beauty salon. It is preferred by almost everyone because it is less painful and leaves your skin more smooth and soft.


Sugar Wax

Different Types Of Wax _ stylegodsThis wax is made from sugar, lemon and hot water. Sugar helps in pulling the root of the hair out of the skin. It is the first type of wax which was introduced years back.

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