Did Beauty Blender Just Bounce Back?

When Beauty Blender first dropped their Bounce Liquid Foundation, everybody was pissed off. Mainly because the shade range was severely sad. “50 shades of white”, people called it. And every high profile beauty guru called out the brand for the lack of diversity. Fenty Beauty showed the industry how it’s supposed to be done, but clearly not everyone had learnt their lesson.

But not anymore. Beauty Blender has reintroduced their Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation with eight brand new shades.

1.00 C – very light with cool undertones

4.00 N/O – deep neutral with warm olive undertones

4.05 W – deep with warm undertones

4.15 W – deep golden with rosy undertones

4.35 W – deep with warm undertones

4.45 N – deep with warm undertones

4.55 C – very deep with warm undertones

4.75 N – very deep with neutral undertones


A matte that still looks like skin.

A weightless, full-coverage foundation in 40 shades that easily blends for a flawless finish and a revolutionary bare-skin feel.

The whipped liquid glides and bounces easily so it never looks cakey or fake – no matter how little or how much you layer on.

Never chalky or lifeless, the velveteen matte finish has a multidimensional effect, like naturally gorgeous, healthy skin.

The lightweight, buildable formula addresses not just tone but also skin texture so your complexion looks smooth and even.

Skin looks picture perfect- IRL and on-screen for up to 24 hours.

Now, there is always a place to change. And beauty blender clearly received the memo. Now we wait to see what the people of colour really think about the introduction. (I’m looking at you, Auntie Jackie)

Find your shade here. The Bounce Foundation retails for $40.

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