Dewy Perfection – Simple Steps To Achieve The Look By Charlotte Tilbury

If you’re anything like me – heavily invested in the beauty industry – you KNOW no one beats Charlotte Tilbury in a makeup match. Whether its working her magic on the VSFS, or launching cult faves – Charlotte Tilbury leads the way. And just recently, she shared a quick video on her YouTube channel on how to perfect the dewy makeup look. Of course, using everything Tilbury.


AKA, the Dreamy Day Look.

Charlotte Tilbury Dewy Perfection
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First up, moisturize cleansed skin using the iconic Magic Cream. Apply in a sweeping motion, massaging upwards and outwards. Finish with ‘Tilbury Taps’.

Second, don’t forget the under eye! Gently pat the Magic Eye Rescue eye cream underneath your eyes.

Using your fingers, blend out the Hollywood Flawless Filter, a complexion booster. Continue the process by highlighting using the Magic Away Concealer. The concealer gives you a long lasting coverage, making it the perfect fit for everyday. Moreover, it conceals imperfections in an instant!

Next, for a no-fuss eye look, apply the Eyes To Mesmerise directly on to the lids, followed by curling your lashes. Additionally, make those peepers pop using the Full Fat Lashes Mascara.

Bring back a little colour in your dewy perfection, using a brush, pat on Tilbury’s famous Beach Stick – which comprises of glowing pigments that blend easily.

Final step – line your lips using Lip Cheat, followed by the iconic Matte Revolution lipstick.


And voila! Dewy perfection, courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury! Likewise, you can shop all of the items mentioned above on Tilbury’s website.

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