The struggle is over now design your own handbag

Design your own handbag the way you want

A women is never complete without her handbag. Most of the women spend hours to buy the perfect handbag but most of the time she come back home with the disappointment that this is not the perfect one which I want. An Australian startup that lets women design their own handbags from over six billion combinations called Mon Purse. According to Lana Hopkins founders of this concept design your own handbag believe’s that the search of your perfect handbag is over now. This Mon Purse is a state of the-art. It is a 3D design tool that has more than six billion combinations. This is something that now you can create the leather handbag of their dreams.

design your own handbag _ stylegods

Idea And Struggle Behind Making The Bag

“I realized I spent far too many hours pounding the pavement, looking for the perfect bag.I wanted to solve this personal problem and I had a vision. A vision to create an elegant bag. A bag that state the art, and then follow it up with high-quality bespoke creations. A creation which is delivered directly to customer’s doors.” Lara Hopkins.

design your own handbag _ stylegods

Then the struggle began when she stared travelling the world in 2014. She started looking for the best tanneries and ateliers. Selecting quality leathers and raw materials, and skilled craftsmen. She also searched for some great software engineers that could turn her vision into reality. Mon Purse’s core collection of handbags, wallets, and small leather goods was crafted by a team of in-house stylists.

design your own handbag _ stylegods

To get the bag that you have imagined there are few simple steps that you have to follow by licking this website and you will get your desired handbag at your door. They provide this service worldwide.

Fulfill Your Desires 🙂

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