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So here I come with another review for a product from the make up range. Yes its from Oriflame, as I buy a lot of Oriflame products.
New colleges, new jobs and new beginnings is ringing bells for most of us and to match to the glow and spark, I will just rely on my natural radiance bronzing pearls from Oriflame. This product has been with me from last one year and it has never let me down, be it a party or a usual day with the most natural look.
Oriflame has so many good cosmetics to offer. I have tried so many products from this brand, they are not so expensive and not so cheap.This product gives the areas of the face that healthy, sun kissed glow. Its delicate soft texture sculpts your face and cheeks, so they are left with a wonderful, radiant glow. A simple swirl with the brush and the perfect blend of micro pearls will give your skin a seamless, natural glow and flawless luminescence. Enriched with precious mica and silica minerals for a more radiant look. This product comes in a dark skin color pack, which is non transparent. It has a flap opening. Inside you will find a round mirror, and then there is a sponge for application.


These balls are small in size and have different colors. They are very fragile, so they can break if you will apply a bit pressure on them. When you roll over sponge or a brush, the shade sticks to your brush and then you apply that onto your face. They are perfect for a day time function as they are not at all glittery. This product is formulated to minimize the risk of allergies, also it is long lasting. Gives natural radiance to skin to add that oomph factor to the face.
It is available in four unique shades made specially to suite Indian skin tone.


UntitledSo, if anyone is going to buy this product after this review, I would like to share my experience with this product. Its really good and long-lasting. Before I started using this I just always wished for a product which can control extra oil on my face, which makes my face look darker. This gives my face radiance and also keeps me looking fair. I just apply it on my face after I finish all make up regime. So, for me this is a great product but yes you will have to be little more careful with the storage and handle it with care. 

the-giordani-golden-bronzing-pearls-from-oriflame-reviewI would be very happy if you share your feedback about the product in the comments below.

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