Glitter always amps up an eye look, turning it from good to great! And don’t be ashamed if you have a glitter obsession – it’s not your fault. Those things are too pretty to dislike. Unless they’re loose and make a catastrophic mess. In which case, you’ll probably want to toss everything out.But come next day, you’ll want it all back again.

But quite frankly, glitter shadows are way better. They don’t make a mess, and are super easy to apply! Stila’s glitter eye shadows are perhaps the most popular ones in the industry. But close second, and my personal favourite are MAC’s Dazzle shadow Liquids. They’re easier to get your hands on, and aren’t as pricey as the Stila ones.



Get lost in eyes that tantalize, mesmerize and glamorize.

Introducing the irresistible twinkle of our all-new daze-inducing Dazzleshadow Liquid.

Available in a range of beaming finishes – from glaring glitter to subtle sparkle and cool chrome.

This ultra-shiny liquid eye shadow glides across lids for a wash of brilliant colour that keeps its splendour for up to 8 hours.

It’s lightweight cooling formula sets quickly for the ultimate second-skin texture that feels ultra-soft on lids.

Dazzle shadow Liquid Shades


Not Afraid To Sparkle – Shimmer – Sheer silver with multi pearl glitter

Blinking Brilliant – Shimmer – Orangey copper

Panthertized – Shimmer – Black with green and purple pearl

Flash and Dash – Shimmer – Light gold champagne

Beam Time – Shimmer – Rose Gold

Love Yourself – Satin – Light metallic pink

Every Day Is Sunshine – Shimmer – Light peach

Stars In My Eyes – Satin – Metallic silver

Rayon Rays – Shimmer – Warm brown

Diamond Crumbles – Shimmer – Holographic blue with pink pearl

All of the shades are available in India. (thank heavens!) And they retail for INR 1750. Find them in MAC stores or online on

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