Curvy Girls Fashion Tips: Let your body shape and size make you feel that they are blessing for you

Who said only thin girls have all the fun? When fashion has no bound then why should we feel bounded and force yourself to get thin and slim? Let every girl say it without any hesitation “ I’m a curvy girl and I love it. I’ve always had little extra kilos on me and I’ve never been able to wear a high waisted bandage skirt without my tummy evidently protruding.” Check all these easy and quirky, curvy girls fashion tips to make your look perfect and make you lead the way with confidence. 

Lingerie can literally make or break your outfit. If you’re on the ‘curvier’ side, make sure you buy lingerie intimates that don’t add unnecessary bulk to your overall look. Not all summer dresses are created equal. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton over synthetic. So when you sweat your clothes won’t cling to your curves! Short shorts can be a little uncomfortable if you have a curvy booty so you can go with Cuffed boyfriend shorts that hit at your mid-thigh and show off your gorge curves. Don’t be afraid to go for well-fitted stuff that accentuates your silhouette. You’ll look better and feel much better! Vertical prints can be your best friends, as they can create an illusion of slimness and height. Deep or V-shaped necklines can make your neck appear lengthier. Curvy ladies should opt for V-necklines more often as they tend to give a slimmer appearance.

“Wear your curves proudly. You are a healthy beautiful feminine woman.”

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