From mud to dairy and herbs some ingredients are essential for special homemade: Countries Face Mask

The world is hopelessly obsessed with face masks and everyone is running after some of the best ready to use products which are easily available in markets just to save their time. But can they be better then what you make by yourself with all natural thing available at your place? Obviously no, In a recent report on the top beauty-related searches around the globe we came that your skin gets nourished and glowing if you go with natural things. All around the globe, there are some special and essential ingredients which are must for every home pack used by different countries. These countries face mask are made with these natural ingredients in it to make your skin more glowing. Women the world over have an urge to cover their faces in goop or powder or slime or cloth or a combination of all of the above, close their eyes, and by the grace of the Gods and modern science, emerge brighter, cleaner, stronger, better. It’s a tradition that transcends borders. Just check out all that what all is used by whom and which country?


Turmeric In India

Countries Face Mask _ Style Gods

Mix turmeric in sandalwood paste and rose water, and you have a mask that softens and brightens your skin.


Mud In Argentina 

Countries Face Mask _ Style Gods

Model, actor and activist Calu Rivero grew up in Catamarca convinced us that the dirt there is infused with magic. I used to go to the backyard of my grandmother’s house and make masks with mud,” she said.


Henna In Senegal 

Countries Face Mask _ Style Gods

“Pure henna comes from a leaf, Some hennas have more ink than others, and we use the less tinted ones to smooth and moisturise the face,” says Khoudia Diop, a model and a brand ambassador of The Colored Girl.


Dairy and Herbs In Russia

Countries Face Mask _ Style Gods

“Eggs, oats, dairy products, honey, local herbs, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, cucumbers—our mothers and grandmothers would mask with pretty much anything they could find in the fridge,” says Olga Karput, the founder of Moscow’s Kuznetsky.

Time to treat and greet your skin naturally. Let your skin feel the what wealth nature has got it in it.

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