Bao Bao, Pleats Please, Record, and lots more have intensified the fashion genre which is lots more than just being ‘Unconventional’

Fashion does not have definite teaching or can be used route learning. Fashion is an art that breaks the norms of crafting clothes for the body. Being one of the cool fashion designers that the world could have, Issey Miyake has been pioneering the niche since 1971 in New York. He says to explore the relationship between body and clothes that features to provide a typical layering for a wrapped look. Counting upon from the top, Miyake’s fame doesn’t define fashion. He has one of the top luxury brands which houses fragrances, men’s clothing through 3D and 2D surfacing. Garment pleating technique, A-POC design process by exploring new technologies. Radical triangle-based concept, and manufacturing technique, lightweight and compact colorful, varied-colored patterns.

With the wide range of products and services that are dominating the fashion industry. Being one of the cool fashion designers. Issey Miyake has also come with the idealization of ‘Haat’ that encourages Japanese textile and Indian Handloom. This blend of art says to bring the weaver’s fabric which shows long-lasting bonding between the two regions.


Miyake Designs are Inspired by Origami-like Pattern

Being one of the innovative fashion designers, Issey Miyake says to hone technological innovation that is accelerating experimental fashion designs like ‘origami’ in the industry. This claims to harness Yoshiyuki Miyamae who took over the pioneer in 2011 for womenswear.

With the years passing by and Miyamae started to work under the banner for 10 years. He even learned to develop the 3D Stretch Steam. This develops through the recent application of technology with the advancement of a new type of fabric that contracts after coming into contact with steam.

Miyamae adds 3D Steam Stretch fabric can stand strong wearing and washing without any fallout. The steps of the linear textile patterns created using the same technology that took three years to develop got first introduced the way back in 2015.

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How Comprehensive is Designing for Miyake?

According to Issey Miyake, fashion defines sartorial conventions. Being one of the innovative fashion designers, his clothing patterns lie on different notes than statutory western styles. To acknowledge the scenario from the native kitty. A student who has worked backstage with Miyake shared an instance of intricate designing of garments under the global label.

“There was a garment that got out of shape, which also had four holes. You could hardly tell which hole was defined for which arm or neck to go in. Especially during the rehearsal, Miyake’s pattern-maker would go around checking with the correct pattern and display fo the garment without any fail. It was then and there sorted as everything should go smoothly for the D-Day. As one display would get out from the stage, models would run backstage in hurry to get ready with their next fashion. It was our job to get the models ready in no time, with the correct outfit, footwear, accessories. It’s a madhouse backstage during the show. As it is no less than a war zone as you cannot go wrong with the holes. Some dresses couldn’t match the neck to the right hole. But, how one can keep out of the situation?”


In other words, it’s up to the weaver to plan with the garment designing and showcasing their creativity. Issey Miyake who is also one of the cool fashion designers decides to extend simple fashion curation which is the key element of wearing clothes. He makes sure that his versatile designs are worn in different ways.


Pioneering Work with Curative Pollination

When it comes to ‘freedom of ideas’, this is understandable and seen through Miyake’s designs. The tenacious process of research and experiment is widely getting enjoy. Miyake- the world-renown name among cool fashion designers. This is says not only to be honing his own ideas but also cultivating the skill of designing among people near him.

Getting started, Issey Miyake presented his first collection Nuno to ishi no utha after completing his graduation way back in 1963 from Tama Art University.

With years passing by, Miyake developed a sense of understanding fashion concepts through ‘one piece of cloth’. His concepts got regularized with the fundamental relationship between the body, the veil, or the weave which covers the body, and the room where it will get presented.

Fashion is More than a Creativity!

Fashion doesn’t only speak about creating out-of-the-box stuff. It also needs to keep a check on the type of background or room space it would get to showcase its cuts, threats, colors, and even buttons.


Miyake’s design showcases culture. Many times, it has shown replication of traditional handicraft that is blends with the newest technology. It is also important to add one of the most important people for Miyake without whom this article stands incomplete. Irving Penn got his work of photography texture for outshining the creative fashion of Miyake that became commendable with energy and surprise.

The body of artwork between the two leaders even got recorded in a unique and artistic collaboration. This also includes spiritual connections between the two creative creators that echoed and exceeded the horizon of fashion.

As earlier said that Miyake’s designs are sheer ‘Avant Garde’. It is likely to be said that this one is among the cool fashion designers who craft and exhibit designs on animals like monkeys, starfish, and swallows. His zoo A-POC fashion line displayed imaginary animals which you can find nowhere. Additionally, a range of ‘turtle, octopus, teddy bear, and panther’ design garments have also experienced showtime in 2001.