More than food for thought, one believes to enjoy ‘Food for Family’. Indeed, keeping pace with the squeeze of covid-crises. One should not forget to lose his/her cool and become impatient and run out from home. Apart from gardening, socializing over the phone, and discovering new media, cleaning the home: One can also count upon, preparing food for their loved ones. Well, there is no harm in claiming that cooking relieves stress. With family, talks, laughter, and of course making foods, it releases tension and anxiety. It has been seen that the scenario of work from home, has made people’s life stagnant.

To ace up one’s mood and efficiency even if the conditions are not favourable, one needs to look up to the silver lining that’ll help you stay motivated. And happy amidst the glooms. Add some pinch of salt and sugar to taste. Lets’ know some cooking stress relief quotes.


No Doubt to Claim Cooking is a Stress-Buster

Firstly, there should not be any fear in entering the kitchen. It is your house and this can be your favorite place where you cook food for your loved ones, experiment with new recipes, can prepare wraps and rush for your office (after things come under control), shoot cooking stories, and enjoy life.

According to the Journal of Positive Psychology, ‘everyday creative acts like cooking, makes people happy. So, even if the news channels go berserk and get flooded with death stories due to COVID and job loss. Cooking asks for the right level of attention which later returns you with awesome compliments. Just a little focus that you need to create well-palpable food. Thus, wait for the family to savor together and relish your favouritism towards them as they dig in and applause you.

Ways to Experience Cooking Relieve Stress

Let Your Hands Look Messy

Huh, this doesn’t mean that you need to soil your hands and then cook food. It can happen that after you come back from your kitchen garden or terrace. Your hands might look like soil. But, as you wash the veggies, it is well-advised that you too wash your hands with medicated soap or hand-wash. Because the look and feel of having freshly plucked vegetables are heavenly. Especially that moist smell of soil-laden vegetables, leaves make the environment blissful. Then, this gets followed with the excitement that you are preparing your favorite dish with your home-grown veggies makes the zeal more interesting.

Emotionally Connected

Oh yeah! Be it your granny’s favorite achar (pickle recipe) or your traditional modak recipe for Ganesh Utsav. One tends to keep the string attached even if the scenario or the taste of people changes with the passing of the years. It is said that as cooking relieves stress, it helps to invoke the old memories and stories that it imbibed over the years and ages.


Involve a Punch of Fusion

It is always great to add a pinch of newness to the existing form of food. Because this fusion welcomes experiments that deal with positive thinking for uplifting the food type. Think of adding a new type of fruits and vegetables that you have never thought of including in the recipe. So, as cooking relieves stress, you need to be open to experimenting that will further help to stimulate your brain.

Prepare What Makes You Happy

Well, food is something on which nobody can judge you upon. So, it is you where you can put your heart and soul to prepare a dish. Happiness, laughter, jokes, advice, will work as a taste-maker to amp up your cooking process. So, without any more minutes, wear your chef’s cap and apron and think ‘What are you cooking today?’

First, Get Handover Simple Dishes

Well, if you are entering the kitchen for the first time. You can get started with easy and quick things first. You can start with a sandwich, lemonade, omelet, salads, and even instant noodles. Huh, as said earlier here nobody can judge you for anything. So, try out anything and feel elated for preparing food for yourself and even for your loved ones. So, before you get started like a professional. You can make the arrangement before so that you can get overwhelmed quickly.

So, before heading to your healthy and tasty task… let’s know the foods that relieve stress and depression.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Green tea
  4. Green leafy vegetables
  5. Paneer
  6. Cashewnut
  7. Avocados
  8. Asparagus

So, foods are for all, foods are for life. Cooking food is not a gender responsibility. It is a blessing to enjoy with your family and friends. The one who gets to spoon in is the lucky one because there is another half of the world which still deprives to have two-meal a day with laborious work.

So, it’s time to wake up from the deep slumber and enjoy the feeling where cooking relieves stress and enjoy life better.

Stay Home | Feel Blessed | Start Cooking

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