Oh well, how am I not even surprised that this is another ColourPop post? Because who are we even kidding? ColourPop tends to drop new stuff by the hour, or at least it feels like one. As much as I love seeing all these cutesy new collections by every brand on the universe, I think it’s about time we hit the pause button. For real. But more on that later.

This article, however, looks at the new “Call It Whatever” line by the budget friendly brand. And I kinda like it – the ransom note lettering, the new pans (which are synonymous to Kylie Cosmetics – and the tea is hotter), and of course, the shade range.


Call it whatever, wear it however – just know, this is the palette of the season. Rich burgundy, warm terracotta, mixed finish shadows and glitters make this palette the only one you need for your fall glam. Moreover, insanely pigmented and super blendable shadows make it easy to create any look you want.

  • tardy – soft golden champagne super shock shadow
  • pink slip – matte soft beigey taupe
  • maybe later – matte mid-tone brick red
  • copy cat – matte dusty peach
  • pass it on – matte warm terracotta
  • bad guy – matte true burgundy
  • duh – gold copper and orange pressed glitter
  • not ok – metallic burnt orange
  • ditchin’ u – metallic vibrant terracotta
  • in bold – matte muted brown
  • ttyn – metallic vibrant burgundy
  • brightside – matte deep red plum

The Call It Whatever line also includes brand new BFF duos, super shock blushes and a bunch of lip glosses! Furthermore, the colour scheme runs synonymous with fall – nudes, vampy colours and a whole lotta shine!

ColourPop Call It Whatever
Source: Brand

The Call It Whatever line is live on the ColourPop website. Pick up these babes here.

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