We’re all aware of how ColourPop is the brand that never sleeps. It’s true, considering how their launches don’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. Furthermore, June aka pride month may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have more rainbow themed lines. Which is exactly what ColourPop dropped a few days ago, and we’re loving the collection!


ColourPop’s new 24 shadow palette is perhaps their most colourful. Think pride parade in a pan. Also  think every other pride-themed colour story all mushed together. A bit too much colour, but nonetheless gorgeous AF.

Featuring every shade of the rainbow in matte, metallic, and Pressed Glitter finishes and 7 brand new shadows!

  • Worth It: baby pink
  • Centerfold: matte vibrant coral
  • Totally Buggin’: matte butterscotch yellow
  • Lookin’ Fresh: pale mint
  • Moonlite: matte baby blue
  • Kittenfish: matte cool lavender
  • Big Sugar: bright bubblegum pink with a silver sheen
  • Boombayah: vivid orange
  • So Meta: metallic marigold
  • Fyre: holographic lime
  • Tide Pool: metallic cerulean
  • Hold Me Down: metallic vibrant pink with blue flecks
  • Sandbar: matte hot pink
  • Sunkiss’d: neon tangerine
  • Sweet Spot: matte primary yellow
  • No Scrubs: pastel lime
  • Fine China: matte vibrant cobalt blue
  • Seeing Stars: vibrant blue violet
  • Brick Road: vivid pinky red
  • Hard Place: bright red orange
  • Palooza: bright yellow with a copper duochrome shift
  • Mary Jane: metallic chartreuse
  • Right Tempo: dark blue with silver flecks
  • Do Or Dough: metallic bright lavender with blue duo chrome flip

Don’t be so dramatic, jk, be over-chromatic! ColourPop loves a good rainbow eye, and they’ve made it easier for you with this liner bundle. Consists of five pigmented crème gel liners.

  • Puppy: vibrant warm orange
  • Crssd: neon yellow
  • Electric Daisy: neon green
  • Prance: bright periwinkle blue
  • Piggy Bank: vivid red violet

The crème gel liners glide on smoothly for comfortable application in the waterline. Moreover, the creamy formula makes blending super easy and dries down for long-lasting wear. Additionally, all of it is waterproof.


The BFF mascaras are back in the rainbow land collection, and we were kind of expecting it. Because what’s a rainbow without coloured mascaras?

  • Yellow Goodbye: bright yellow
  • Lover’s Coral: true coral
  • Pink Inc.: magenta
  • Purple Prose: lavender
  • Kiss N’ Teal: teal

You didn’t really think we won’t have Super and Jelly Shock shadows? Boo! We do. Consequently, create all the vibrant looks with your favorite super pigmented shadows.

  • No Rest For The Vivid: hot pink with an intense blue duo chrome flip
  • Shy Guy: metallic warm coral
  • Origami: metallic bright yellow gold
  • Fizz: electric neon green with multi-dimensional glitter

Ok, these brushes are essential for any rainbow look. 5 must-have brushes for only $20?! Yeah, seriously.

  • Angled Eye Brush
  • Small Tapered Brush
  • Tapered Blending Brush
  • Small Shader Brush
  • Small Fluff Brush

If you were thinking this was just about makeup, you’re wrong. The Rainbow collection by ColourPop alo features skin care goodness from their sister brand, Fourth Ray.

Get all of your fave Face Milks in one cute set, including the brand new Acai Milk. Face Milks provide tons of moisture plus added skincare benefits from each hero ingredient, your skin will drink these babies up!

  • Watermelon
  • Papaya
  • Turmeric
  • Matcha
  • Açaí

The rainbow land line is currently available on the brand’s website. And considering it’s ColourPop, it’s pretty darned affordable. Go on and get your colour on.

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