Colourpop Cosmetics is one of the most popular affordable brands in the beauty industry. And the thing they always get right is that budget friendly doesn’t mean bad quality. They give lux products, and they save our coin – these two points are key in colourpop’s success as a brand.


And this time, they’re coming for us again. After the launch of their No Filter complexion line, which was a super success and extremely inclusive, Colourpop is now giving us No Filter Foundation Stix. The internet let out a collective gasp when Colourpop dropped hints at a new complexion product. After all, they had us gagging over their foundations, concealers AND powders, and the new tease was exciting!

The No Filter Foundation Stix come in 30 shades. They have buildable coverage, and can be used to cover, conceal, contour and touch up thoughout the day. The formula is said to be lightweight, and gives a comfortable and flawless finish. If the product is anything like their liquid foundation, Colourpop will have this in the bag too.

The foundation stix come in 3 undertones- warm, neutral and cool and 5 shades for each skin tone category (which is a lot!) The product is also vegan.

The No Filter Foundation Stix launch launch on 18th October at 10AM PST and will retail for $10.

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