ColourPop just revealed possibly THE most anticipated and highly requested item – mascaras. And not just your basic black mascara, ColourPop went ALL out and did a BUNCH of colours! So not only can you be a basic bench (The Good Place viewers get this), you can be an editorial bench too!

Last year, ColourPop Cosmetics took a big, and rather successful step in the base industry. Ofcourse, the No Filter Foundation, concealers and powders were fantastic. And this time around, it looks like their new BFF Mascaras will have similar fate.

ColourPop Cosmetics spent 13 months in the lab perfecting the formula. They tried over 5000 combinations of brushes and formulae to come up with the BFF mascaras.

ColourPop BFF Mascaras


High volume formula builds you up.

Infinity brush gives you limitless lashes.

Long wearing formula never flakes on you.

But here’s the best part of the mascaras – they come in the colours of the rainbow!

  • Left On Red 
  • Pink Inc 
  • Yellow Goodbye 
  • Kiss ‘N Teal
  • Blue Ya Mind 
  • Purple Prose 
  • Black on Black 
credit - Hype Bae

So now, you can give yourself a FULL face of colourpop.

Base – check

Eyes – check

Lips – check

BFF Mascara – CHECK AF

If you want to snatch up the ColourPop BFF Mascaras, they drop on the website on the 24th of January at 10 AM PST.

And psst…they retail for only $8!