Coloured Eyelashes is a secret that you will love to show everyone

New fashion trends are created every morning you get up. But some fashion trends are left for a longer time and grow well with time. The latest and a popping trend is coloured eyelashes. Lash extensions that are colored is the keys to making your eyes pop with a beautiful effect. This is a latest secret to your beauty tips that you follow when you are going for a get together or party.

Coloured Eyelashes _ stylegodsI know that after reading this you are thinking that I am crazy? But honestly, when I first looked at this trend I was also amazed and surprised. Trust me some of the most amazing colour shades will will set a beauty trend when you will step out this festive season. These lashes can do a lot for your appearance. Perhaps even more than your  mascara.

Coloured Eyelashes _ stylegodsCelebrity Lash Expert and founder Clementina Richardson of Envious Lashes is the one who should be praised for this trend. This trend introduced, has already received an overwhelmingly positive reaction. She says that “The #1 advantage to having colored lashes is that they are designed to enhance your natural eye color. They give shape of your eyes much more than traditional lash extensions.” “Colored lashes also help you express your individuality. The subtle pops of colour produce a flirtier, hot look.”

Coloured Eyelashes _ stylegodsWhile you can opt for any color you want and the percentage of coloured lashes verses ordinary black lashes applied, and even customize a multicolored appearance, another approach is to pick in a way that will improve your natural eye colour.

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