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Did you know that hair chalking is a thing? I’m not making a understatement here. Scrubbing pastels into your hair to color it as an alternative to permanent, semi-permanent or even temporary hair dye is a trend. Also celebs like Avril Lavigne, Paris Hilton and Nicki Minaj have made a specific palette popular. 
As you may know, hair chalking has been around for a little while now and it’s a great way to temporarily add color to your locks. When done in the right context and in moderation, hair chalking can be totally chic. Rub hair with chalk. Rock out in style. Wash it out. Back to normal, right? That just seemed too good to be true. There had to be a catch. If you have dark hair like me, it really doesn’t work. If you wet your hair and stick with a neon pink, you can get something to show up. But I didn’t have any luck with blues or teal. 




Above you see that chalk can create a very similar look to dye without commitment. But with every action comes a reaction. There are several things you need to know about chalking your hair. When you apply your hair chalk of choice, never apply less than two inches away from your hairline. Also, drape a towel of your shoulders when you apply — or you’ll risk chalking your outfit, too.
If the color isn’t bright enough on your hair, use a white-colored chalk base. It’s like nail polish, white base makes colors on top pop. Finally, seal that stuff in with hairspray. So, in this article I have also listed below few of the hair chalks from different brands available in the market.



Price : Rs. 699



Price : Rs. 349



Price : Rs. 3,347.15 (for single color)


Grab these amazing hair chalks and get the desired hair color for every occasion and enjoy this season with different colors on your hair..
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