Clogs and crocs, apparent rescuers in the rainy season

Clogs and crocs on your feet without socks (evidently) is the right way to go when it rains. Choosing the right type of footwear for the monsoons put most people in a conundrum due to terrible road conditions. Because of the slush, dampness, dirt and water everywhere it consequently becomes a disaster to walk out on the streets.

Though we wish to sit back and lie on the couch at home snug in the comfort of warm blanket and hot coffee, we eventually need to step out and face the monsoons. We carry umbrellas and raincoats to keep our bodies dry from the unforgiving rains. Little heed do we pay to our feet. Clogs and crocs footwear are very useful at this time of the year as they avoid dampness, foul smell and the slimy feet.

One should keep in mind to choose the right footwear in the season of unpredictable rain showers and still be fashionable:

* Footwear like clogs can be the ultimate solution for monsoon battles on road. They are      especially relevant for monsoons because of their comfort, lightweight nature and            flexibility.


Clogs and crocs*Crocs are plastic-looking closed-toe footwear which work best in the monsoon. Not only     do they have pores for your feet to breathe but also stay firm on slippery ground. And     you can wash and dry them easily if they get slimy.

Clogs and crocs

*Crocs keep the smelly feet at bay with the pores and airy rubber material resist water.


Clogs and crocs


* Do not gloom the season with darker shades. Pep up the look with bright and fun            coloured footwear.

* Clogs and crocs are easy to dry footwear. Though emptying the water form your crocs is    necessary as the water seeps in through the holes. Whereas clogs rather collect less          water because of its closed toe structure with few holes in it.




Clogs and crocs


From clogs and crocs to shoes with rubber soles, opting for lighter colours is a preferable choice. Although clogs and crocs are lightweight and durable in monsoon season. One needn’t worry about getting their feet dirty as crocs and clogs are easy to wash. Both these footwear is for those who want a cool casual look. Nonetheless, aim to look their best for the rainy weather daring the waterlogged roads to do their worst.