When you think bougie, but authentic skin care, what name comes to mind? For me, it’s definitely Clinique. The brand’s Moisture Surge Thirst Relief is a staple in my vanity, and my go-to moisturizer before makeup application. And of-course, a constant recommendation to anybody who asks.


But Clinique doesn’t want to stop, it seems – which is great! The brand recently released information regarding their upcoming launch – Clinique iD, and according to Clinique, it is, and I quote, “A NEW revolution in skin care that’s customized just for you.”



Clinique hasn’t dropped a lot of information about the range, but they’re in the process of. They’ve combined 40 globetrotter and 5 destinations spanning 12 days and 60,000 miles for one mission – to find their iD.


Clinique iD features a customization system that allows the consumer to choose from 3 Dramatically Different hydration bases: a hydrating jelly, lotion or oil-control gel and pair this with an active cartridge concentrate that addresses one of five skin concerns: irritation, pores and uneven texture, uneven skin tone, fatigue and lines and wrinkles.


Clinique iD for Fatigue

Clinique is currently in Morocco, with beauty gurus @JackieAina & @ForeverFlawlyss, and have introduced the first of the five #CliniqueiD cartridges, NEW Clinique iD for Fatigue. The revolutionary custom-blend hydration system starts with choosing the right hydrating base for your skin type. Your options: Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, and Dramatically Different Oil-Free Gel. Then add the Fatigue cartridge to energize skin + revive glow.


The Clinique iD for Fatigue keeps skin as glowing as the Moroccan sunset. The orange cartridge contains pure, concentrated levels of Taurine and other active ingredients which helps to wake up tired skin + minimize signs of fatigue.


Clinique iD for Lines and Wrinkles

For their second reveal, Clinique is in Spain with @kandeejohnson for the Clinique iD for lines and wrinkles.


Plump it up, up and away! Meet NEW #CliniqueiD for Lines & Wrinkles ✨ Re-plump skin and smooth fine lines with the purple cartridge, powered by Whey Protein and peptides.


There are a total of five cartridges, each of which are given a color that corresponds with the active ingredient present in each. The five cartridges and three hydration bases make for a total of 15 combinations:

Green – addresses irritation and includes lactobacillus ferment to calm and comfort the skin

Blue – contains alpha hydroxy acids, which reduce the look of pores and retexturize the skin

White – includes Japanese angelica root extract to brighten and even the skin tone

Orange – includes taurine to reinvigorate the skin

Purple – contains whey protein to smooth and plump fine lines and wrinkles.


The rest of the collection and campaign will be revealed in the coming days. Stay tuned for updates!

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