When I think revolutionary skin care, I always think GlamGlow. And leave it to them to give you a product with meteorite powder to cleanse your skin. That’s some X-Files type shit right there. But don’t worry –you won’t turn into an alien or be beamed up by one. Instead, you’ll have an easy skin care routine and bomb skin. Introducing, Galacticleanse™ by GlamGlow.


Bringing the galaxy to your skin! A revolutionary jelly-to-milk cleansing balm that instantly melts away face makeup and deeply cleanses, leaving skin purified and hydrated.

Blended with precious meteorite mineral powder, moonflower oil, bamboo charcoal, and our Silver Tip White Tea TEAOXI.

GALACTICLEANSE™ inspires softened, renewed skin that glows like the light of a star.

Formulated without: paraben, phthalate, sulphate.


★ Squeeze a small amount of jelly balm into dry hands

★ Apply to dry face and massage evenly in circular motions

★ Add warm water onto face to transform into a cleansing milk

★ Rinse well and pat dry

★ Use daily as desired

There are two very specific things that I like about the Galacticleanse™. (Apart from the fact that it looks like the night sky)

  1. It is a balm cleanser
  2. It’s pretty versatile. It not only cleanses skin, but also hydrates it and removes makeup.

Use Galacticleanse™ preferably if you have dry to normal skin. Your skin will be left feeling clean, soft and hydrated. So go on, ahead. Squeeze the stars.

Find GlamGlow’s Galacticleanse™ on Nykaa.com.

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