In 2013, beauty giant L’Oreal Paris acquired Mumbai-based Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals for an undisclosed amount. But why would a brand as big as them do that? Pretty simple – they wanted to tap into the professional salon skincare market.

Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals has been a pretty popular brand for skincare products and treatments. Founded by Oscar and Cheryl Pereira in 1986, the brand sells products worth INR 20 crore via 10,000 salons. And they’re now available for purchase on Nykaa.


With Cheryl’s now on Nykaa, we have a bigger option scale for skin care – that too, affordable. Everything on the website ranges from INR 200-1000, which isn’t a bad price point for something that has been around for so long.

The brand’s products include face washes, moisturisers, and even a sunblock spray! The Dermashade SPF 30 spray contains purest form of scientifically-proven actives and bio-technological ingredients for advanced sun protection and anti- aging skincare. Interesting.

What I like most about the range is that something for everything. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or even acne prone – you have a choice of products. Another item that is very intriguing is the Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals Clarifying Acne Spray. Apparently it’s a toner that prevents your pores from clogging, and makes your skin matte!

The packaging for this particular brands looks very pharmaceutical – which I suppose isn’t a bad thing, considering they’re technically a combination of cosmetics and pharmacy. However, I still wish I could see a little more of the cosmetics aspect. And although I am not opposed to only skin care, the range still feels like there could be something more.

On the other hand, I am VERY interested in testing out these babes. And hopefully, I’ll have them on my sink soon! If you want to see what Cheryl’s Pharmaceuticals is all about, check it out here!