Zoeva Cosmetics is one of those brands that I love, but also one of those brands that I avoid cuz they can get pretty pricey. I’d love to throw some dolla bills, but home gurl doesn’t have the cash (for now). I love the brushes from Zoeva, and their Caramel and Cocoa Melange shadow palettes. But Zoeva’s newest collection – the Heritage Collection – is all sorts of stunning.


With luxe gold mosaic packaging inspired by ancient Greek art, the Heritage collection is destined to become a classic.

Featuring multifaceted shades that pay tribute to Greece, Heritage is a reflection of the country’s rich artistic tradition and proof that everything old is new again.


“Our Heritage collection is a tribute to the timeless beauty of ancient Greek art. The shades weave a bold color story, while its packaging is an homage to the symmetrical patterns of ancient Greek mosaics. Heritage is dedicated to the country of my birth and its long history of beautiful art.” – Zoe Boikou

The collection includes an eyeshadow palette, a pressed highlighter and also four eye crayons.


Modern Masterpiece

Unleash your inner goddess with this collection of heavenly eyeshadows housed in an ornate palette.

Inspired by ancient Greek art, the Heritage Eyeshadow Palette shines with six matte formulas, including one with glitter, two metallics, one satin shade, and also one shimmer.

Heritage Collection

  • Narrate a Story: Matte creamy limestone beige
  • Anthropology: Matte sandy nude
  • Euphonic: Matte midnight purple with glitter
  • Never Forget: Satin raspberry pink
  • Written by Winners: Matte rosewood brown
  • Monument: Shimmering champagne porcelain
  • Megalomania: Metallic ancient golden bronze
  • Marble Statues: Metallic antique brass
  • Civilisation: Matte mauve pink rose wine
  • Phonotactic: Matte dark brown clay

Heritage Collection


Go for Gold

The brand’s first-ever palette with a makeup mirror, the versatile product adds a Midas touch to any look.

Inspired by the ancient art of Greece, the lustrous, limited-edition Heritage Highlighting Powder is sure to become a classic.

Heritage Collection Heritage Collection



  • Smudge-proof
  • Crease-proof
  • Waterproof
  • 24 hour wear

Express yourself in a multitude of ways with creamy, lightweight color that you can wear alone or layer for a custom look.

In addition, removable sharpener is hidden in the bottom of the retractable eye shadow pen.

Available shades

  • Morphology: Metallic deep brown copper
  • Typology: Metallic antique brass
  • Phonology: Metallic golden caramel bronze
  • Mythology: Metallic silvery amethyst

Heritage Collection

Zoeva’s Heritage collection is now available for purchase on their website.

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