Chanel’s Gabrielle Hue And Lightness is what you can’t escape from

Perfumes are one from which a person can never get enough of. It is really exciting to try the new inventions by the best-known brands of perfumes. This perfume is just named after the creator of the iconic luxury brand. Chanel’s Gabrielle fragrance treasures trove of surprises. The nose, Olivier Polge, was successful in carrying forward the legacy of his father Jacques. The house is associated with fragrance creation since 1978.

Chanel’s Garbrielle _ stylegodsThis sparkling floral article is a lesson in how to create stirring subtle aromas. Once this perfume settle’s on the skin, it does not feel overpowering like a bed of flowers. Enjoy a serene walk within an enchanted forest adorned with white flowers and fragrant woods. The jar looks modern, clean and the one which everyone wants.

Chanel’s Garbrielle _ stylegodsThe sunny and fresh quality of the aroma was the initial inspiration behind the colour and the bottle. “It is neither golden nor silver, but just like a lamé. We wanted something simple, glowing, but not flashy,” reveals Sylvie Legastelois, manager of packaging creation and individuality.

Chanel’s Garbrielle _ stylegodsGlass sides that converge towards the center in addition to the transparency make you feel like you can touch with the juice of this perfume. “This jar is protected in its case, as though it were a precious jewel. There was always this idea that the interior must be as beautiful as the outside.” And such as Coco Chanel famously said, simplicity doesn’t mean poverty. In the world of Chanel, easy is luxury!

Chanel’s Garbrielle _ stylegodsNow it’s time to use the luxury perfume that makes your daily dressing interesting and unique. The fragrance of this perfume is more pretty than the look of the bottle. You must try this one.

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