Champions of Vero Moda have always maintained the class

Just by the nature of its operations, fashion can take a toll on the environment. Given the heat brands face on the matter, creating a conscious fashion industry is the need of the hour. If you are a true fashion and classic fashion lover then you very well know about the positioning, quality and standards of the brand Vero Moda. ‘Aware’ is Vero Moda’s first step towards bridging this gap between fast fashion and a more sustainable world. The brand understands that fashion is an art that constantly borrows heavily from nature.

Vero Moda _ StylegodsBrand has been on a very interesting journey since it was launched 30 years ago. Brand try to keep our clothing on trend, with good quality that is accessible at a great price. It’s hard to ignore the impact the fashion industry has on the planet and the environmental challenges we face. Aware rethinks wardrobe staples and the classics in a sustainable way. Every item in this collection has a Scandi-chic touch of elegant modernity. Besides, it complements the current Vero Moda collections and is also easy to style.

Vero Moda _ StylegodsDesigner’s believe that great taste doesn’t come with an age tag. They are inspired by super cool young girls and sophisticated stylish elderly women alike. For them, great taste and great style is not about age. It is about knowing what suits you and dressing according to your mood, but being a little adventurous.

Vero Moda _ StylegodsVero Moda’s pledge of taking sustainability and fashion hand in hand should be adopted by all the other brands because our fashion costs much more to our planet than what it does to us.

The brand not only keeps us content with it’s trends and designs but also gives us sense of satisafaction of not overutilizing the natural resources.

Brand Love.

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