We all have been conflicted on whether we love wearing our warm fuzzy jackets or light breezy dresses at some point in our lives.

Center Fresh _ stylegodsWe even sometimes land up debating it with friends so much so that it gravely effects times when we’re planning our travel with them! If one loves the idea of sitting cozy in a quilt near a fire drinking hot adrak chai, the other one prefers chilling on a beach sipping a Pina colada with a hat dawned on.

t_shirt wars2There are seldom moments when both parties can find a midway. This new Center Fresh video reminds us of all the hilarious instances when we fought with our friends to prove which is better!

Watch watch!

Best friends turned mortal enemies over a holiday destination!…

Best friends turned mortal enemies over a holiday destination! Watch them fight it out using T-shirts!

Posted by Center Fresh India on Saturday, August 5, 2017


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