Hello Ladies,
Our daily routine leaves us with no time to take care of our skin and body. We end up having blemishes, scars, pimples, blackheads and several other skin ailments. Facial pack helps regain the natural glow by healing all such ailments. Their vitamin and mineral content helps maintain the pH level of the skin and also keeps the skin hydrated. Give your skin the regular treatment of facial mask to maintain the sparkle on your face. Let your skin do the talking and reveal out your inner beauty with perfection!
You can feel the true beauty of your skin with peel off face masks. Use it twice a week or once a week as per your convenience to keep your skin healthy and glowing. If you are looking for a good option in a wide range face masks available in the market, then you must try the algae peel off mask from ” Casmara Prestige “. 



Price : Rs. 370

Marine algae have been used for skin and hair care for thousands of years. Their inherent moisturizing, healing and strengthening properties have been recognized since ancient times as providing many benefits for human health and beauty. Every culture that has bordered the ocean has traditionally used marine algae for beauty care and, in fact, new discoveries of their qualities and benefits are still being made. The variety of available marine algae is so large that their benefits can only be described in general; specific types and species each have their own unique balance of constituents.


The Spanish luxury skincare brand Casmara has recently launched a pioneering range of luxurious unisex face mask kits, these masks are promising the same high tech formulations and age-defying efficiency as professional spa-treatments and giving comparable results at home in just 20 minutes. 
Casmara has 40 years experience in the field and is the developer of the original pioneering peel-off face masks that have been available since 1979. 
There are four different masks in the range: Rejuvenation, Purifying, Balancing and Hydra. I’ve tried the Hydra one which is anti-ageing and has firming benefits. It promises to be moisturizing and to reactivate cellular metabolism to reduce signs of aging. It also contains wakame kelp and a marine rejuvenation to help increase firmness and moisture. This mask is suitable for all skin types.
All four masks help restore, rejuvenate, illuminate and hydrate damaged skin and all help prevent wrinkles and fine lines. They all contain highly hydrating seaweed and are a great way to give your skin a boost by treating it to these intensive pampering treatments. Perfect for a special occasion! The masks are free from parabens and are suitable for vegetarians.
The kit includes a peel off mask that you get by mixing the two sachets in the lid, a conditioning cream and a spatula for application. The instructions are on the box, in a leaflet and online too. I watched the instruction video online which I found very helpful. It shows every step of the treatment in detail. First you apply some of the conditioning cream to your face. Then, after mixing the mask together, you simply apply it to your face and lastly cover your lips and eyes. Obviously leave some breathing holes for your nostrils! Then you lay down and relax for 15 minutes. 
After 15 minutes, you can peel the mask off. It’s really gentle to peel off and doesn’t stick to your face at all which was a really nice feeling and unexpected for a peel-off mask. The inside of the mask felt cool, smooth and refreshing. Then you massage the rest of the cream into your face until absorbed completely.  I’m very happy with how the face mask was to use and the results it gave me in terms of relaxation and a boost to my skin. My skin felt very hydrated after the treatment. 
I really liked the mask and I’d definitely use another one again next time my skin needs a bit of a detox. When you first open it, it does look complicated with the amount of things of separate parts, but really it was very simple and easy to do, just mix it for longer than I did! I highly recommend it to everyone who wants a relaxing spa treatment in the comfort of their own home and at a bargain price.
I would love to try the rest of the range!