Candle has always been a famous Holiday Gift Guide. These items have all been hand-picked by us for that special candle lover in your life. Most people want to buy them for themselves, but rarely do, because they are secretly hoping someone else will gift them with their favorite flammable fragrance instead. So why not give your friends and family what they really want this holiday season?

1- Feu de Beaumont The Glass Vessel in Feu de Bois

Feu de Beaumont The Glass Vessel in Feu de Bois

Their range of scented candles are indulgently luxurious, made from 100% eco-friendly natural wax, infused with some of the most coveted fragrances and finished in a stunning 22-carat yellow gold vessel. With an aim to connect to their end user, the duo aim to create beautifully decadent pieces that are timeless in style and a welcome addition to any home.

Price: $91

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2- Diptyque Paris Candle in Jasmine

Diptyque Paris Candle in Jasmine


Sensual and voluptuous, it pays homage to the legendary flower, reproducing the captivating atmosphere of a Mediterranean garden.

Price: $60

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3- Rigaud’s Scented Candle in Cyprès

Rigaud’s Scented Candle in Cyprès


Travel into the heart of the Mediterranean forest with the Rigaud Cypress Candle and bring back the magic balm that will unlock the soul of your house! A refined harmony that is a blend of the aromatic sweetness of lavender, the woody, crisp notes of pine needles, and the heady aroma of cedar wood.

Price: $99

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4- EB Florals Jasmine Candle

EB Florals Jasmine Candle

My favorite candles are the ones of Eric Buterbaugh, who recently launched his eponymous brand. He sells them in his [flower] store in Los Angeles. He has seven of the most incredible floral scents and the best is the jasmine candle.

Price: $70

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5- Costes Original Candle

Costes Original Candle


Experience the luxury of Hotel Costes in your own home. With it’s mysterious character, created by intoxicating essences of coriander seeds, white pepper, laurel, oriental woods, incense, musk perfectly balanced with hints of rose, it resembles the unique atmosphere of the trendy yet timeless elegance of Hotel Costes

Price: $85

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