Hey Girls, have you ever thought while applying concealer, mascara, or even shampoo that whether your beauty products are marine-life certified? Have you ever thought, about the water and its treatment processes after you have cleaned your face and hair? Well, you are not the sole diva who needs to bother about it. Indeed, we all need to take care and improve upon the situation that resides 75% of our biosphere. Yes, while you get ready, just keep a note that whether you are using blue beauty cosmetics or not? Being a mortal being. This surely can’t be expected each time you sit in front of the almirah. But, being a well-aware human, one can be a bit cautious to find out things like that…

What are Blue Beauty Products?

Blue beauty cosmetics and products adhere to the safety norms to keep the environment safe. The main motto of using blue beauty is to minimize carbon footprints. Additionally, this also helps with the practices that are contributing back to the environment in a positive way.

When it comes to blue beauty cosmetics, these brazen the usage of plastic that will finally affect the marine life and its ecosystem at large. This process keeps a check on the chemical used in the cosmetic products that result in hazardous effects on ocean life.


Switch from Green Beauty to Blue Beauty

As the color denotes, it caters to the environment and sustainability. Green beauty is an umbrella term that refers to natural products that cater to the goodness of our Mother Earth. A step further, green beauty products are a blend of sustainable and renewable products. Another word for this stands as eco-beauty.

On the other hand, blue beauty cosmetics inches to oceanic and hydrocephalic existence that needs to get secured and care for. According to Melissa Hago, Vice President, Fashion Snoops says, “Green beauty coined from our eco-conscious lifestyle shifts, like eating clean, composting, recycling, and avoiding excess chemical”. She also adds, “We first started to discuss blue beauty as a trend movement around two years back. As concerns for the future of the ocean amps-up. Consumers have come up to voice against the usage of plastic was harming the ocean’s ecosystem”.


Brands are Making their Difference…

Making your bit stand out from the crowd, is the main goal and target to save our earth. Certain brands are efficiently making a difference. This includes:

  • Ren Skin Care: Being a genuine skincare brand, REN takes up a healthy pledge for ‘zero waste. The brand takes special care from designing packages to its recycling process, everything is under strict scanning for better reusability.
  • Ethique: As said, it is a soap bar-catering brand which derives natural nutrient from oceans. And so, it doesn’t want to harm its sole-giver. Claiming 100% plastic-free blue beauty cosmetics brand. Ethique makes a difference by revolutionizing the cosmetic industry. This encourages by switching to solid bars in plastic-free packaging.
  • One Ocean Beauty: Viola, here the meaning and purpose get started from the brand’s name. By taking the environmental issue to the next level, the brand is seen to proudly donate $250K and get onboard with Oceana. Additionally, that the brand that persists here stands as a clean clinically proven solution that is laden with marine ingredients, sustainable blue biotechnology, and more.
  • Aveda: After being a well-known hair care brand. It also started by creating recycled shampoo bottled that can get perished by the ocean water. Interestingly, they have got partnered with Charity: Water. This conglomeration has started in easy access to clean, safe drinking water, sanitization, and hygiene in developing nations.
  • Outerknown: Sustainable fashion ideas happen when a brand counts upon 90% fiber that is organic, recycled, and regenerated. The brand is also seen to launch Econyl clothing. This states to turn fishing nets into the regenerative fiber. This helps to lessen the environmental impact while also cleaning up the oceans from further degradation.

What are you waiting for?

Be its blue beauty cosmetics or sustainable fashion brands in India (Mio Borsa, Maati, InSom, Liva, MixMitti, and many more). One is doing every possible thing to save the ocean system which accounts for 71 of the total percentage of the biosphere. What are you waiting for? Just a simple act of kindness of using blue beauty products or adhering to sustainable fashion ideas and mark a difference for the ‘World Ocean Day 2021’ and beyond.