Do you believe in numerology or wanna know how to calculate numerology?

If you are spiritually and astrologically connected, you would take a keen interest in numerology too. The core power-ball stands not just in numbers, but the meaning of linkage with your astrological planets and their effects. Experts add astrology that deals with self-discovery and predictions. It is added that numbers, patterns, letters reveal the true craving for a better life. Along with, devotion and what does it seek to get fulfilled. It also happens to get connected with the long trail of karma that defines our ongoing life. This also allows us to look back to our past lives that mirror perspectives that get changed from one individual to another and vary among the relations.

Since when it got started?

It took place way back in the 6th century BC when Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician came up with numerology theory. As per his studies of metaphysics of numbers, he found out that every number can be reduced in a single-digit that can vary from one and nine. Further, he also calculated the hypotenuse of a right triangle, a basic construct of modern geometry.


How to Calculate Life Path Numbers? 

Huh, you can have your numerology calculator handy as it is not too rocket science. Being simple in its structure, the analysis stands unique. To get started, you may first consider your date of birth. When it comes to numerology, it is all about getting the root number. To start calculating, you need to first break down your double digits (if any) and make them single-digital. The single-digit is called Life Path Number.

There is also a consideration that this calculation bars 11, 22, and more which are considered the Master Number (it will be discussed later).

How to Calculate Numerology?

The Life Path numbers are companions to astrological sun signs. There is not much difference between the two as both projects tell everything about humans. This showcases characters like strength, weakness, ambitions, talents, and others. Life Path Number also tells about the types of experiences the human has been through. Additionally, it includes types of events that have occupied the person, in past/present/future events.


Let’s say your birthday falls on November 23, 1986. To calculate your Life Path Number, you need to reduce every double number (if any) into a single digit. Just like we have here.

The month is 11 that is reduced to 1+1=2.
The date is 23 that is reduced to 2+3=5
The year 1986 that is reduced to 1+9+8+6= 24 which is again reduced to 2+4= 6

Then this is followed by keeping all the reduced numbers together i.e. month, date, and year numbers (2+5+6) that stand as 13. Finally, we again club up 13 to get 4. So, there you get your lucky numerological number or Life Path Number is 4.

Indeed, at first, you may find it a difficult process but once you get it through, you’ll easily answer the question yourself: ‘How to calculate numerology?’

What does your Life Path Number Mean?

After knowing, how to calculate numerology? Life Path Number or Calculation of Numerology, both stand the same. Calculation of Life Path Number is simple. Remember, your birth date affects the cosmos or the planetary movement of your life. Therefore, this interprets your relationships with other and your life overall. As stated by Astro expert, Chirag, “It’s a gift of insight to be prepared for life”. Life Path Numbers helps to represent your inner ability and character instincts that surely change a person to achieve fruitful results in the future. It has also been seen that numerology is a dependable formula that helps to take up difficult decisions even lead a successful life easily.


How to Improve One’s Future through Numerology?

It happens that life is full of uncertainties and this can very well be experienced after the pathetic pandemic conditions that have loomed over the world without any mercy. So, when things get disturbed, one needs to find another way to bring some relief from the ongoing crises. Be it any issue like education, job, love, marriage, child, and more. Everything needs a helping hand so to gel all up. Hence, one needs to deal with ‘How to calculate numerology?’

So, before things go out of hand, you need to choose a spiritual path to smoothen everything. Numerology here stands as a vital thing with definite results to embrace. Remember, your numerology has the power to uncover the blueprint of your soul which has been pre-defined for your life. One of the added values here stands as the numerology helps to let you know your destiny and the purpose of you without any fail. Additionally, it is also learned that what type of lessons life will teach you in the days to come.

It will be interesting to add here that, numerology is much more than it could be predicted. This is simply a bridge between the type of person you are at the present and what you’ll be (i.e. showing your potential). It is the stepping stone that enables you to live life according to the present scenario, by keeping heed with the present moment and also be in the best form for the days to come.


What is our Master Number?

Master numbers of numerology or repeating angle numbers stand the same. This includes numbers like 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, and others. It is said that they come with both powerful positives and negatives. The single-digit numbers are what is said to found the core attention. Still, double power has the magic in sustaining the power. Master numbers are said to be ‘bittersweet’. This has the power to get showcase your personality number, destiny or expression number, soul number. and many more. That is why it is important to tune with all the aspects of numerology to assert where all the other power getting diverted (if any).

Numbers in the Shell…

We are counting upon you that, you’ll start believing numbers are everything. Starting from how it got started to numerology and how to calculate numerology? What does life path number mean, how one can look up his/her future with the help of numerology, and finally mentioning about master numbers- Numerology is a great deal of respite that you should take heed off for embracing your life and the days to come.

Even though, numbers can look tedious and heavy. If you could get the nerve of it, you can rule your own life in a much calmer, happy, and successful way.

Just follow the steps above and let the number govern you.

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