Bum bags are the perfect size to carry your everyday essentials

Bum bags are fashionable again and this is the day humanity has been waiting for. The much-ridiculed staple of many a 1990s wardrobe has been tarred with the scruffy brush since it went the way of roller blades and wraparound sunglasses. But the fact is, active wear is big business and many leggings don’t come with a big enough pocket for all the crap you want to lug about. Sure, there’s that little pocket for your house key, but you aren’t fitting sunglasses/bank card/mobile phone and other miscellaneous debris in that mini-pocket fit for ants.

bum bagsThe Gucci money belt, as rapped about by Chance the Rapper, is the gold standard of bumbags, although they are also bestsellers at Asos. In womenswear, their most popular style is over-sized with flat pockets, akin to a tool belt. Nike, New Balance and ASOS’s own brand have joined the party with more modern bold prints, metallic and velvet numbers. In menswear, pink, tie-dyed and silver versions have been selling out.

bum bags
ASAP Rocky

Call it what you will, there’s no denying the once-maligned accessory staple of the 90s has made a fuss in some of most prominent high fashion houses right now. Last Thursday, Australian sports/swim brand We Are Handsome even handed out custom bum bags – in all their retro graphic glory – as gifts to VIP guests at their Australian Fashion Week show.

This once frumpy fashion relic has recently graced the runways of not only Balenciaga and Alexander Wang but… (shield your eyes fashion high-brows)… Chanel Couture. Lagerfeld sent models like Gigi and Bella Hadid down the catwalk sporting boucle and bead-embellished compact cases just big enough for an iPhone 6+, each strap double-wrapped and slung around the waist to add a pragmatic touch to the prettiness of the couture clothes.

bum bagsA bum bag has your valuables right where you need them, whatever you’re wearing.
Sure, they may not look as elegant as a cross body bag, but something called a fanny pack isn’t about elegance. The burning question remains though: can this tongue-in-cheek trend translate from the runway to the street without eliciting muffled laughter?
bum bags

Tourists use them for a reason– unlike cross bodies, handbags or rucksacks, they’re small and strapped so closely to your groin that you’re able to go about your day with the confidence your belongings probably won’t get nicked. when you’re on a crowded bus– having everything to hand saves time, and time is money, people. In fact, maybe we should all live our lives a bit more like tourists – wandering around aimlessly, taking photos of mundane things and wearing whatever we want.

bum bags

And wearing bum bags is just the first step in the revolution.