A good tool is one of the keys to finessing your makeup. And finding the perfect tool is Godsend. It takes time, a LOT of tries with various brands and a general idea of what works. Furthermore, it isn’t necessary that only an expensive tool will work. Take the example of the Beauty Blender – there are tons of sponges that work the same, if not better. And don’t cost as much. Find your fit here!

But there’s one name in the beauty industry that is pretty synonymous to a great tool. And so far, it wasn’t available in India. But it is now! Say hello to Sigma Beauty.


The brand has a very interesting startup story. One would believe that it was created by an artist, but that’s where you’re wrong. Sigma Beauty came to be what it is today, because of two extremely creative people – Dr. Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho. Their professions? A molecular bacteriologist and civil engineer, respectively! Fascinating, isn’t it?

The initial product was a brush set, which sold out eventually. The rest they say, is history. Sigma Beauty now has a cult-following. And even though they’ve been around for a hot minute, they’re still relevant. Which is a pretty big deal, considering how vastly the industry has grown in the past decade.

Sigma Beauty
Source: Brand

India is a country where not everyone owns credit cards, so when it comes to purchasing international brands – lets just say it’s a task. The brand has done us a huge favour, and is now available to shop on our favourite online retail store, Nykaa! But, be warned – the prices aren’t what you expect. They definitely hit the high end mark.

But the good news? The brushes come with the usual 2 year warranty by the brand! They’ve also brought along their iconic 3DHD Blender and Brushes. And the globally loved cleaning mat. Here’s tp hoping they bring more!

Sigma Beauty
Source: Bustle

Pick up the brush sets, or the singles – the choice is yours! Shop them here!

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