We’re all aware of how a pair of good brows can elevate your slay game. And when the soap brows trend made it’s entry last year, it came to stay. Forward to 2019, the soap brows still exist, and our favourite Iconic London has launched a rather elegant take on the trend with Brow Silk.

It looks like something you need, but you want it even more. The packaging, the toothbrush applicator, the gorgeous gold finish – TAKE MY MONEY! Iconic London is famous for their glamorous, chic aesthetic, and their glow drops. The last time they launched something brows was the eyebrow cushion – which also fared really well.


Frame your features with super speedy Brow Silk. Inspired by the old Hollywood trick of using soap to set brows in place, our customisable brow styler adapts to the look you love – from fluffy and feathered to groomed and sleek.

Perfect for babes of all hair colours, the unique formula brings together all the best bits of brow soaps, waxes and gels in one silky, conditioning balm. Creating a clear film over your brows, it gives unbeatable lift and hold with zero chalky residue or crunchiness. Furthermore, gripping every single hair, Brow Silk boosts sparse patches and makes arches appear thicker, to save precious brow-filling-in time.

With no need for additional sprays, this travel-friendly formula can be applied wet or dry. For best results, apply Brow Silk with the bespoke Brow Groomer.

Iconic London Brow Silk
Source: Trendmood

Dip your Brow Groomer into Brow Silk to lightly coat the bristles with product. Brush through your brows, flicking upwards and out to create a ‘feathered’ look.

Wear it alone or over your favourite brow cushion, powder, pencil or pen.

You can shop both Brow Silk and the groomer for 20 GBP on Iconic London’s website.

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