A couple of weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a fellow beauty enthusiast over how super saturated the beauty industry has become. And how sickening it is to see constant launches every damned day. It’s nuts!

I remember watching this episode of Huda Boss, where Huda Kattan says something on the lines of, “If you don’t bring something new each time, you’ll become irrelevant.” I’ll try to find the exact quote, but I don’t think I want to. Either way, launch or be forgotten. That’s how most of these brands function.

I understand brands like ColourPop, dropping new things every now and then. They’re an affordable brand, so yay. But when big brands with hefty prices keep giving people something new twice a week, it’s hard. And it’s also annoying.

Either way, this post isn’t about me cribbing. It’s about Kylie Cosmetics’ upcoming launch.

The no-longer queen of the gram (thanks to an egg), Kylie Jenner is dropping a whole array of products on Friday. Bronzers, blushes, Kylighters, lipsticks and lip liners. Jeez.

Her kylighters weren’t all the rage when they launched previously, but the brand claims that they have new and improved formulas. And apparently, you shall be obsessed.

The New-New

The bronzers feature 6 ‘beautiful matte shades’ to warm the skin and help you create a gorgeous contour. Their names are as follows –

  • Khaki 
  • Tequila Tan 
  • Toasty 
  • Almond 
  • Tanned And Gorgeous 
  • Tawny Mami

There are also 6 blushes in the launch, namely –

  • Pink Power
  • Kitten Baby 
  • Baddie On The Block 
  • Close To Perfect 
  • We’re Going Shopping 
  • Rosy

The highlighters, or Kylighters as they like to call it are also six. The shade “Champagne Showers” is back as “Cheers Darling”

  • Cheers Darling 
  • Quartz 
  • Dreaming Of Diamonds 
  • Ice Me Out 
  • Queen Drip 
  • Princess Please

Apart from face products, Kylie is also dropping 3 new lipsticks and, additionally, lip liners.

Lipsticks –

  • Yes Baby 
  • Almost Friday 
  • Lovey Dovey

Lip Liners –

  • Dirty Rose 
  • Soufflé 
  • Hot Chai

If you love Kylie Cosmetics or are simply a fan, find all the newbies on on the 18th of January, at 3PM PST.

As for me? I think I’ll pass.

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