Brock Collection Footwear to enjoy Luxurious and Approachable shoes that rocked New York Fashion Week ramp

“For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.” most of the current footwear trends fall squarely into two camps: pretty shoes and “ugly” shoes. The latest collection to create major buzz among the fashion crowd is Summer Spring 19, which just made its debut at New York Fashion Week was Brock Collection. Brock Collection Footwear pairs were filled with beautiful prints, wearable comfort, flattering corset silhouettes, and special details flies that made each and every piece stylish and classic.

Brock Collection presented its very first shoe collection, which was designed in partnership with luxury shoe brand Tabitha Simmons. The boots, kitten heels, and mules complement the spring collection completely. Each and every footwear had a more lively appearance which would make every girl’s heart say “I want them.” Just scroll down our gallery and check out the amazing collection which made their impression on the ramp.

Brock Collection is a luxurious ready-to-wear brand label founded by Laura Vassar Brock and Kristopher Brock in 2014. The Los Angeles-based house was established out of a shared aesthetic intellect between the two designers. Brock Collection occupies a rarefied space of lived-in romance and thoughtful whimsy; it connects the dazzling threads and that makes their collection look out of the box.

Each and every piece has a unique story to share which makes the collection more interesting and excites you to buy them. So, it time to secure your pair now if you feel like splurging. They are worthy. Why only your outfit wardrobe should enjoy the latest fashion trends let your walk speak loud about the latest fashion trends.

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