Bridal Necklace Designs which will make your appearance mesmerizing and charming

The special handpicked bridal jewellery also gives her that radiance and glow in her face which is very symbolic to a bride. Weddings are huge and hence jewellery forms a part of it on a large scale. Picking the right bridal jewellery is one of the most important things for your D-day. From bridal necklace designs to some brilliant borlas, chokers embellished with pearls and precious stones, armlets encrusted with uncut diamonds and rubies, traditional Rajasthani bangles with red velvet on the inside everything is important to complete the bridal look. There are many styles and types of neck pieces with different patterns which you must know and choose the best one for yourself.


Bib-Style Necklace

Bridal Necklace Designs _ Style GodsThis bridal-style necklace falls over the chest like a net encrusted with precious stones, hence it’s best teamed with solid-hued outfits which means that it is perfect for marriage outfits with which will enhance your look if paired with contrasts.


Choker Style Necklace

Bridal Necklace Designs _ Style GodsChokers are that heavenly looking necklaces in precious and semi-precious stones with exclusive cut diamonds for that glamorous look for a bride. The shine, brilliance and class of white diamonds and the regal, royal look of precious stones get matched in one heavy bridal jewellery choker set.


Gulband Style Necklace

Bridal Necklace Designs _ Style GodsAlso known as the princess necklace, this one is an offshoot of the classic choker, and sits just above the collarbones. Once you select this one for your wedding day this will be the one which will grab everyone’s attention.


Rani Haar

Bridal Necklace Designs _ Style GodsThey are long necklaces – either single or multi-stringed. The length is what gives them a royal feel. Rani Haar has been a popular style with brides for a long time and is typically layered with another necklace. This Rajasthani export is a regal and stately-looking piece.


Navratna Haar

Bridal Necklace Designs _ Style GodsIt is a colourful necklace that has nine different precious and semi-precious gems (pearl, emerald, ruby, red coral, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, cat’s eye and hessonite. It was made popular by Mira Rajput Kapoor when she wore it on her wedding day.

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