None of the would-be bride could say no to Bridal Collection Of Pinakin Patel

Long before Pinakin Patel discovered that brands like Armani are the one who has managed to stand out in the crowd. After a long the designer thought of making his own brand and he succeeded. Pinakin Patel is known for his home designing and furnitures. Then as Patel was traveling the world he accidentally started learning about luxury through rich fabrics. After which designer thought of making his own brand of clothing. The latest Bridal Collection Of Pinakin Patel is all about modernity with ethnicity.

“Once I was young, I don’t think fashion existed…there was no such matter in India. The only manner that existed was overseas and it was not what we perceive it as now,” says Patel concerning the time when it wasn’t about “calling trends and introducing looks”. Because of this, his initial brush was but with stitching, cloth and fine embroidery which became significant pillars.

” I had to make the bride feel like a princess, together with my technique. I do something quite crowded, wealthy and busy around, but it’ll be so close, it all looks like one feel. Just the other day there was a woman looking at one of those ghaghras and she explained that it’s like 30 million diamonds stuck around how does it not look blingy?” said designer.

He has one advice for all the brides. He thinks that wedding is an occasion when you would like to wear something in which you could have fun. Garments are attached to a body. You would never to get bogged down beneath a 20-kilogram lehnga that calms your motion. So choose something in which you could move easily around the place.

He definitely makes sense and it all can be seen in his designs. 

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