Brand Nudestix is all set to debut in India with Sephora

“Safe synthetics are Ok, Natural is better, Organic is best, Know what all is in your vanity?” Ever wondered what happens when a chemical engineer and mother of two teenage girls, decides to make their make up dreams a reality? If you will research you will reach, Brand Nudestix. NUDESTIX is a simple collection of easy-to-use makeup crayons that cover all the bases and give you a fresh-faced, nude look. Enriched with skin-saving vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizers, each multipurpose NUDESTIX pencil is packed with goodness to #GONUDEBUTBETTER. Meet up the stars of the brand and check out how much they love their brand products.

Founders said, “We believe a natural look is a perfect fit for any face. We are all born with our own unique look, so why cover it up with tons of makeup? A touch of colour here and there is enough to bring out our finest features, so we are out with the crazy big collection and in with our makeup stix for face, eyes and lips to add grace with your natural skin tone.” Just scroll down our gallery and check out some of the best products that will add the best effects to your look.

The brand is known for creating all form of nude hues, a variety of foundations for different skin tones, retouching pencils, classy lip shades, different eyeshadows and blushes for that ‘my-face-but-better’ makeup look. All their beauty products are packed with the matte black body with a mirror and a sharpener inside, this two add-on help in making the product perfect to carry it anywhere without any risk of spillage.

Nudestix will be available in Sephora stores across the country starting end of October and can be bought online at

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