“A touch of radiance does not only boost the youth and flawlessness into your complexion; but when strategically applied in the right places, highlighter can sculpt and accentuate your natural bone structure.”

I am a highlighter hoarder. If I see a new highlighter onthe market, I buy it, no questions asked. Granted, some purchases are regretful. But I love me a good glow. That being said, NYX Cosmetics brought their Born To Glow Highlighters to Nykaa, and they’re all you need.



If you love highlighters more than you’d care to admit, our new Born to Glow Highlighting Palette is pretty much destined to be your jam.

Packed with shimmery pearls that catch, reflect and refract the natural light, each creamy powder blends seamlessly into the skin.


And spotlights your features with an intense glow. It includes six silky shades which can be applied alone, or layered together for a multidimensional strobe effect.


These hot little singles are just what your beauty routine needs to glow the distance!


Packed with luminescent pearls to catch, reflect, and refract the natural light, our Born to Glow Highlighters make it easy to spotlight your features with a super intense glow (like…really intense.)

Available in three illuminating shades:

Break The Rhythm – Flushed Pink


Chosen One – Gold


Stand Your Ground – White Champagne


On application, the highlighters cast an instant dewy, illuminating effect onto your skin which can be layered to achieve your desired glow intensity.

For a subtle strobe, pick up the silky powder with your finger and gently stipple onto the high points of your face. Or, if you want your shine to be visible from space, spritz your highlighting brush with a makeup spray before application for the ultimate reflective effect.

Find the palette and singles on Nykaa.com.

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