Bollywood Inspired Beauty Looks which are back again with big flies

With wedding season just on the head, we all want to look amazing and happening. I hope that you must have locked you outfit designs and colour combinations. Most of your outfits must be dramatic and classy like Bollywood actresses choose for themselves. Bollywood is our inspiration for fashion and lifestyle. If you are completed with your outfit session than you need to pay a bit attention to your looks. Bollywood inspired beauty looks are surely going to work perfectly.

If I talk about Bollywood than there is nothing which goes unnoticed. From hairstyle to footwear it is an inspiration for us. You will be amazed to know that there are some beauty looks which were in trend a long time back but are back in trend. These looks are not only an inspiration for us but also for new and upcoming Bollywood divas. Here is the list that you need to check if you are a fashion lover.


Sharmila Tagore

The actress was known for her bold and sexy dressing style at that time. Her famous exaggerated winged liner and bouffant hairstyle are back in fashion.


Zeenat Aman

The actress belongs to the romantic era of Bollywood. She was known for her natural radiant skin, and Willingness to do experiments.



You need to carry the famous gold metallic eyes paired with pout-perfect like the way she did. If you have a fair complexion than you can try wine lips.


Karisma Kapoor

The fashion of velvet is just back and very trendy for the winter collection. To purely look alike you can try lushed cheeks and straight hair.


Kareena Kapoor Khan 

Kareena is known for the way she carries herself. She is also known for her smudged, Kohl-rimmed eyes.

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