Bollywood Celebrities Hairstyle: If you want open hair with your outfits

The wedding is one of the major functions in which you want to look best especially when it is an in-house wedding. Your stunning look will be incomplete without some most important thing. This includes the perfect outfit, jewellery, makeup and hairstyle. The best thing that you can play with for your perfect look is hair. You need to scroll through our gallery to check most trendy Bollywood Celebrities Hairstyle. You must try these hairstyles and choose wisely according to your comfort.


Slicked back

One of the most sophisticated looks perfect for all formal outfits. This is one trendy hairstyle which is favourite of all the celebrities. Wear it in the evening with a high-necked outfit.


Side-swept curls

A perfect glamour look that is suitable for both traditional and western dresses. This hairstyle is an add-on to your classy and elegant wedding wears. This hairstyle can stay for a longer time if you set it with pins.


Braided Details

Braid hairstyle is one of those which suits every face shape. It makes you look elegant and stylish with open hair and a side braid. One simple side braid in front will make you look perfect.


Loose waves

Loosy and breezy hair will give you girly look. This hairstyle is one evergreen hairstyle which will never fail to make you look amazing. Use a wave spray and set with hairspray.


Faux bob

This latest hairstyle will work best for your fashion look. This tucked style couples perfectly with an off-the-shoulder dress or you can balance out a long outfit with this short hairdo.

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