Bollywood brand ambassadors with brands they want their fans to love

Clothing brands & Bollywood brand ambassadors 

Bollywood Celebrities have an overwhelming influence on a common man’s life. Perhaps, this is one of the reason’s why the brand advertisers bank upon the stars for their endorsements. The glamour industry is majorly based on publicity and presence. What is out of sight, goes out of mind of the audience. And when it comes to world of advertising, brands know that they cannot function on their own. Clothing brands and Bollywood brand ambassadors is just the combination which people love to see. The people who inspire us and influence us in large ways to choose these brands are our Bollywood stars. From the types of food we eat to the way we live our lives, celebrities have played huge role models in these aspects. 

Here are some of the best brands with their brand ambassadors just have a look.


Hrithik Roshan – Rado

Bollywood brand ambassadors _ stylegods

Swiss watchmaker Rado has Hrithik Roshan for its Indian face. He was a great success, as was the Rado HyperChrome collection.


Deepika Padukone – Vanheusen

Bollywood brand ambassadors _ stylegods

The glam divas are no less when it comes to their brand value. Owing to the remarkable success of her films. Deepika has worked for Van Huesen not only as  its brand ambassador but also as designer for the brand.


Kareena Kapoor – Malabar Gold

Bollywood brand ambassadors _ stylegods

Kareena Kapoor signed on to be Malabar Gold’s brand ambassador. Needless to say, she is one of the best faces of Bollywood to endorse high-end jewelry – and so much more like beauty products!


Priyanka Chopra – Guess

Bollywood brand ambassadors _ stylegods

Priyanka Chopra’s already burgeoning international career received a boost when she was signed on by American fashion brand Guess to become their global brand ambassador.


Salman Khan – Splash

Bollywood brand ambassadors _ stylegods

Middle East’s largest fashion retailer, Splash signed on Salman Khan recently to be its brand ambassador as it completes 20 years. Salman Khan has been promoting brands even before he became famous as an actor.

Stay fashionable.



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