He would never expect there’s something sexier underneath your sexy dress. Say surprise with your Bold lingerie

“Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear a bold lingerie and make this day the most special one.” Don’t settle for some typical date night. It’s your day and your responsibility to make the most out of it. The recipe for a fabulous valentines day includes going out for a date to a nice restaurant, followed by a round of wine back at home, leading to your bedroom, right where your date can see the moonlight transition to sunlight. But for this perfection, you need to get yourself a bit more excited by choosing the naughtiest lingerie that will make him just gaze at you for long and unhook it with the sensual touch that you never felt before. Just scroll our gallery and check out some of the best lingerie’s which are available online.

Classic red and pinks are quintessential choices, rich maroon or wine colour in sensual textures, while black and white need bold red lips give a nod to a holiday plan. Choose whichever you want from the above. hahahahaha! he will any which way go crazy. Lucky man šŸ˜‰

Let the day end with a thought “My heart to you is given, do give yours to me. We will lock them up together and throw the key.”

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