Hello Ladies,
They say, a perfume is the most intense form of memory. And indeed it is. A woman should not only look visually appealing but should also be able to conquer the senses of people around her. A perfume is something that can turn on a woman’s charm in the best possible way. The scent choices of a woman always give an insight to her personality. And if you are someone who wants to mesmerize people, the feminine world opens to you a variety of perfumes for women who have the power to work magic just by their aura.
Choose the ones that bring out your personality in the best possible way. During my recent visit to Bodyshop store I tried few of their body mists. I tried at least four of them but the one I really liked is the Strawberry mist, actually I have already tried this one before also. One of my friend in office use to wear this mist.
It has a nice fruity fragrance which lasts long. As a sinusitis patient, I usually try to find mild perfumes and deodorants for me.  Strawberry is quite a summer fragrance but I’m not into musk or any other fragrances so I started using this right away without waiting for summer.  The spray comes out as a fine mist and can be easily rubbed in to skin or just left as it is .The fragrance is a beautiful strawberry scent which totally uplifts my summer days. 


Price : Rs. 795

Some would classify this as a total summery scent. But for me, this is a scent to be used throughout the year. The good thing about this mists that it has the power to be worn alone as they just don’t “disappear” like cheap body sprays but layering is always the best option to make them last all day. The fragrance is the iconic, fresh and sweet. 
Its lovely strawberry fragrance to uplift my mood anytime, anywhere. Also, it comes in a sturdy bottle and gives out a fine mist. It contains Strawberry extract and alcohol made from community trade sugar cane in Ecuador. I love this mist and after using this one I have recommended it to so many people.
This spray is light scented body mist with a burst of sweet fruitiness! Try it as it’s irresistible.
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