We all know that winters are saying goodbye to us and the season which is head will bring so many disasters for our skin, our skin will be dry for few days and then probably oily and all this will finally lead to a lifeless and dull skin. For that we need to pamper our skin little bit more so as to look flawless with a good glowing skin. Taking care of the skin becomes difficult when it comes to choose the right product as there are so many promising brands in the market and that is why we are always stuck in a confusion between organic and non-organic products for our skin.

Among so many brands there are few which actually proved to be effective and promising and out of those, Bodyshop sits on the top of the list.
Bodyshop manufactures natural products and they have been liked by people across the world. Few of them are costly but still they are worth spending on. As per my experience with the brand and its products, its the best and most reliable for my skin. I just visited Bodyshop store few days back where the store manager introduced me some of the most interesting products that could do wonders to our skin they call it “Oils of life“.




Price : Rs. 3095 for 30 ml

This oil is infused with three precious seed oils and a blend of seven essential oils. The lightweight and quickly absorbing texture leaves a non-sticky finish, melting onto the skin, leaving it silky and soft.Just after application, skin appears smoother, more radiant, revived, revitalized and nourished.
As per the promises from the brand, after 4 weeks the signs of aging appear reduced, wrinkles appear minimized, and skin feels more elastic and firm.





Price : Rs. 2095 for 50 ml

Gel based creams are actually effective for the ones who have oily skin as gel gives a clean oil-free texture and also controls the excess oil coming from the skin, so that the makeup being applied after that doesn’t smudge.
It contains :
⦁ Black Cumin Seed Oil from Egypt- known for its concentration in antioxidants
⦁ Rosehip Seed Oil



22Price : Rs. 2095 for 50 ml

It contains cumin oil which gives moisture to the skin and makes it healthy. Also, black Cumin Seed Oil Gives You Strong, Robust Skin.
Also, it contains essential fatty acids, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Flavonoids. Together, these components make the oil a great moisturizer, anti-inflammatory agent, anti-aging ingredient, and more, but you can think of it like you have a secret for strong, healthy skin.




Price : Rs. 1895 for 160 ml

You can enjoy a highly-sensorial experience with its bi-phase (oil + water) formula, this Intensely Revitalizing Essence Lotion supremely combines the freshness of water and the nourishing feel of oil. It has a lightweight refreshing texture that glides onto skin and leaves a pleasurable soft touch finish without a greasy feel.

So, if you are looking for a good option to make your skin look healthy and nourished then you must try these amazing products from the house of body shop as they are really effective and worth buying.

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